Enabling confident career choices from the start

Enabling confident career choices from the start

Graduates earn between £100k and £500k more over their lifetimes than non-graduates1. Getting your career choice wrong at the start could cost you dearly. Investing in our virtual career trajectory sessions costs a tiny fraction of that and helps you start high, bursting out from the crowd of others searching in this highly competitive market.

1 Source: Institute of Fiscal Studies The impact of undergraduate degrees on lifetime earnings Feb 2020

My Future Plan

Video Introduction

Listen to our brief video about what a myfutureplan event entails and why it will deliver for you.

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How it works

How the sessions work

We want the sessions to work effectively for each delegate using our robust online platform. In session 1 you will be with a group of about 10 and will be able to contribute ‘live’ or through a live chat link. Session 2 is even more interactive with 5 people or fewer, so we can always make sure you are happy with your individual plan.


Your personality report

Backed by internationally recognised psychometric algorithms the report will give you a vital insight into you and set you up for your career. It looks at your preferences in any future workplace, your strengths, what motivates you and how those things might influence your behaviour and needs.


Recording of the sessions

Sessions are recorded and are exclusively available to delegates after the meeting. We also encourage delegates to work together outside the meetings. So, using our Facebook or private LinkedIn group you can compare notes and thoughts to encourage each other.


The planning session

In this session you will work with a smaller group of people in a similar position to help you turn the things you have learned into a plan to kick start your career search. What are your personal strengths? How should they influence your career choices? How can you take experiences you have to use them to illustrate your strengths to a prospective employer?


Personality review session

This session covers the types of personalities you will come across right through your career. Understanding how you can work best with people different to you will provide great insight as you seek a position and build your future. We also explore how any characteristic can be both a strength and a weakness so you can make sure you use your strengths positively to accelerate your success.

Don't just take our word for it


Richard Dennys

"You have just spent tens of thousands of pounds on your degree and the post-COVID world is cold and unforgiving. Don't just drift out there and hope something decent turns up because there's a high chance that it won't. At Webgains we screen all of our new hires using exactly the same measures and advice offered by Myfutureplan, so give yourself the absolute best shot you can at the career path that matches you most closely from day one.”

Richard Dennys
Group CEO, Webgains (high performance affiliate marketing company)
Anthony Broadhead

"We are finding that our forward-thinking clients are increasingly using psychometrics as part of their recruitment strategy. Therefore candidates who have an understanding of their personal profiles are not only at a distinct advantage when selling themselves to employers, but most importantly, they understand where they are best suited to maximise their chances of success for the long term." closely from day one.”

Anthony Broadhead
COO, Jackson Hogg
Nick Bell

"I found the profiling really useful in understanding the type of manager I would find it easiest to work with so I could make a confident choice"

Nick Bell
PhD student, University of Bristol

What's included


Personality Report

A custom-designed output, provided by a renowned assessment company to 32000 companies worldwide and approved by the BPA, yours to keep and refer to forever

Top course presenters

Our Presenters are certified psychometric Practitioners so are highly experienced at working with groups and individuals in exploring the learnings from these and applying them

Limited number of attendess

To make sure the experience works for you we limit the numbers in each session so you get the attention and input you need

Access from anywhere on mobile or PC

Our online platform delivers easy access for all, using tried and tested technology and which enables a highly interactive and powerful experience, from wherever you are in the UK or beyond

Recordings available to download

We record sessions for download after so you can focus on your own thoughts, rather than having to make copious notes. We’ll provide you with all the course materials as well

Continue the conversation after

If you wish, you can stay in contact and get inspiration, encouragement and support from other attendees via our private LinkedIn group or Facebook group. This is optional of course.

Follow up support

Our founders are all experienced coaches who can help navigate your way forwards in this challenging job market. Just complete the enquiry form below or connect with us via LinkedIn or Facebook

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Frank Hutton

Frank Hutton


Frank has spent much of his career talking to people about what they wanted to do with their lives and how they could be happier and more successful in their jobs. He started in banking (wrong job), moved into marketing (better job), then started and sold his own recruitment business (good job) in 2014 which has led to him wanting to help people right at the beginning of their careers to get off to the best start (best job!). He has worked internationally for clients in the public and private sectors, and coaches in the UK and Europe.

Tony Bradshaw

Tony Bradshaw


Tony has spent his career in the Life Sciences sector in the UK and beyond working with great colleagues and teams. He completed his PhD at Heriot Watt University, joined British Sugar, then University College London in a Business Development role. He had the privilege to meet the best established and emerging biotechnology talent in the UK as an executive recruiter before joining the BioIndustry Association, working with the country’s leading biotech entrepreneurs. He trained as a Coach and established Bradshaw Talent Management in 2015 to pull together his unique contribution making the best use of his natural skills. This involves determining what companies can do to attract and retain their staff, coaching individuals through their career choices and influencing national skill strategies.

John Taylor

John Taylor


John is an experienced HR Director who has held senior positions in some of the UK’s largest and best known companies. Having managed graduate recruitment processes within blue chip organisations he is passionate about matching young people to the right job in the right organisation to make sure that students get the right start to their career, and businesses get the injection of new ideas and talent they need. As well as his involvement with myfutureplan, John also runs his own consultancy business for companies across the UK and beyond.