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SECURE 2.0 Key Provisions: What Plan Sponsors Need to Know Learn more about the key SECURE 2.0 provisions that may impact your company’s retirement plan.
Tax Credits Available for Small Employers Learn about the tax credits available for small employers that sponsor a retirement plan.
New Ways to Take Penalty-Free Distributions Review the various ways the SECURE Act enhances individuals’ accessibility to their retirement savings.
Featured News Retirement Spotlight: IRS Issues Interim Guidance on Plan Corrections under SECURE 2.0 Act
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All of us at Ascensus are delighted by the passage of SECURE 2.0 and the bipartisan support that led to this important legislation. Thanks to the collaboration of our elected officials, savers across the U.S. will have additional opportunities to create more certain financial futures and greater peace of mind.

We look forward to working with clients, partners, advisors, and savers to implement the provisions of SECURE 2.0 across the retirement, 529, and ABLE plans we serve.

David Musto
President and CEO, Ascensus